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In the first, players choose a baseball team and take on the others on a 7-round tournament.

In the second, players can have a quick exhibition game with and against any team of their choice, and are able to set different parameters not present in Tournament such as number of innings, ballpark and who bats first.

In the Customize option, one can build their own team of 12 from scratch with the aid of several appearance parameters for every separate character.

The game can hold up to 2 custom teams.

There is also a multiplayer mode for exhibition games where the host can play against one other person online or via Download Play.

Action Commands : When you're fielding, the A button will often appear on screen, prompting you to press it so you catch the ball.

Doing so can make your fielder do impressive, highly beneficial dives while failing to do so means that the ball will go past your fielder, which will cost you a couple of bases given up to the runner(s).

The Normal character type has an easier time catching the ball because the A button will appear sooner, giving you more reaction time.

This is most useful for fielders who have to consistently deal with lots of quick line drives, such as second baseman and shortstop.

All There in the Manual : Literally.

Even though the basic controls are displayed all the time on the bottom screen during a game, crucial information regarding rules, steal mechanics and specific body build abilities are only found in the game's electronic manual.

Amazing Technicolor Population : You can invoke this when making your own team.
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