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Granny has always had the most efficient and flexible animation system in the industry, and now it has a suite of tools your artists are going to love.

Granny has always made life easy for the programmers on your team.

Whether you work in Max, Maya, or XSI, Granny makes it a snap to export, process, and animate anything that the artists can build.

She has a data pipeline that's been battle-tested on every platform.

With over 5,200 titles shipped, many teams wouldn't think of starting a game without her.

But now, with the Animation Studio, we're focusing our attention on the other half of the team: artists and technical animators.

The Animation Studio exposes the power of Granny's animation system to the art team, but in graphical form.

You can build blend-graphs, specify character behavior, sync to events, author procedural IK, and more.

And you can do all of it without writing a single line of code.

We haven't forgotten the programmers in the Studio, of course.

The entire tool is built on top of a modular, extensible runtime that you can customize as needed.

Any custom nodes that you create for your game's specific environment can be integrated right back into the Studio so they look like just like our built-in features to your artists.

And of course, it comes with full source to both the Studio and its runtime.

Granny is a powerful toolkit for building all kinds of interactive 3D applications.

We built Granny to be the most efficient and flexible animation system in the industry, but she also features a powerful set of exporters and data manipulation tools.

We've designed Granny to fit easily into any project, letting you choose exactly how she fits into your application.

Below you can find some concrete examples of how you might use Granny, but this is not even close to a complete set of use cases.

Remember, the fastest way to learn about Granny is just to email us and set up an evaluation!

The Granny Animation Studio, granny supplies a graphical state machine and blend graph editor to help you build your characters.
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