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check out our full review of the.

Google Nexus 7 2013 after the break.

Nexus 7 2013 on the left, Nexus 7 2012 on the right.

Before anything else, we recommend you to read up on our first.

Nexus 7 review back in August 2012 here.

Weve also updated that first-generation device to Android.3 Jellybean so we have a better comparison between the two.

The new Nexus 7 inherited a lot of its design and form factor from the old model.

Most of the cosmetic changes were focused on making the 7-inch tablet thinner and lighter by a full 50 grams from its predecessor.

Google changed the dimensions a bit, making the new Nexus 7 a little taller but with a smaller width.

Gone is the two-tone color (black with silver trimmings) of the old one and replaced by a monochromatic dark color.

While the front panel is still fully covered by glass (Gorilla Glass the back side is now replaced by a smooth, matte finish with a rubbery feel.

The sides are more tapered towards the edges making the power button and volume controls on the right side harder to figure out.
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